Netflix cancelled Daredevil? My Thoughts.

Daredevil was pretty awesome—was. I’m pretty bummed it’s cancelled. I have hope Marvel still has plans for the character because Charlie Cox is frigging awesome. I haven’t finished season 3 yet but it feels like the best season yet and they’ve all been pretty good. Anyways here is my thoughts.

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Photo Source: Marvel/Netflix

What the fuck Netflix? Cancelling Daredevil that’s some dumbass shit, you idiots.


2 Flash 2 Furious: Flash Season 2 Premiere Review

The title of this blog may be “Will Watches Movies” but I do watch other things, lets be real though “Will Watches Movies and Other Stuff” sounds pretty awful. I do watch TV and other things so from time to time I may review TV shows but very rarely am I caught up on them so this may be sporadic. Anyways season 2 of the CW’s The Flash premiered today and it was awesome.


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