Atomic Blonde

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Agent Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is equal parts spycraft, sensuality and savagery, willing to deploy any of her skills to stay alive on an impossible mission. Sent alone into Berlin to retrieve a priceless dossier from within the destabilized city, she partners with embedded station chief David Percival (James McAvoy) to navigate her way through a deadly game of spies. – Focus Features 

We are on track this week with another one of my most anticipated movies of the summer. Luckily this time it was a good one. I’ve always loved action movies and as of recently John Wick is one of my favorites. The marketing for this film made it look a bit like a lady version of John Wick. Atomic Blonde was also directed by the co-director of John Wick and the director for the upcoming Deadpool 2, David Leitch. Knowing all that it seemed like an obvious decision to see this movie.

Atomic Blonde is based on a graphic novel called The Coldest City. The film was written by Kurt Johnstad and directed by David Leitch. The cinematography in this movie is very cool, I have no idea what the 80’s actually looked like but I feel that Atomic Blonde gave an accurate depiction visually. The fights in this movie are amazing. After watching some of the fight scenes, I was tired. I’ve never seen people fight to the death before but I imagine it would look something like what you see in this movie. The fights were brutal and visceral. David Leitch is incredible behind the camera when it comes to action. There was even a little car chase, David Leitch can do it all.

The story was somewhat generic but with enough twists and interesting characters to make it worthwhile. I will say this film is more of a spy movie than a John Wick movie which is not a problem in my opinion. The movie does this thing where it starts at the end and its her telling the story of the movie and it goes back and forth. Some people didn’t seem to care for it because you knew she’d make it out alive but I feel like that was a given, this isn’t Game of Thrones, the main character isn’t going to die. Anyways I liked that aspect of the story, it allowed room for some humor and different ways to transition  between scenes. I feel like I haven’t seen that in a movie for a while and thought it was done well.

Charlize Theron played the role of Lorainne Broughton, the kick ass heroine of the story. She is a good actress and Atomic Blonde is no exception. For this film Charlize did 98% of her own stunts, you have to respect the dedication to the role. She looked very good in this movie and it was totally believable that she could do what she did. James McAvoy played David Percival an ally of Lorainne’s. I love James McAvoy in just about anything, there is just something about him. He is bloody fantastic in this. He’ll make you laugh and impress you with his acting. The man is good in anything. Those two are really the main characters but John Goodman is in this as well and so is Sofia Boutella. Goodman is always good, man. Sofia Boutella is also quite good, she usually is. Unfortunately she was just not in the movie enough but on the bright side this was a better movie for than The MummyThe soundtrack in the movie played an important role and was basically a character too. Atomic Blonde did the Suicide Squad thing with pop music but it actually worked and it was music from the 80’s. I quite enjoyed the soundtrack and thought it went along well with the film.

Atomic Blonde is just a fun, smart, action, spy movie with a good soundtrack and some bloody fights. I would recommend it.

I give Atomic Blonde a 7.5 out of 10, would watch again.

“Don’t shoot, I’ve got your shoe.”


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