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In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces. – 20th Century Fox

Logan reunites director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman, Mangold having previously directed The Wolverine. This movie is absolutely the best adaption of Wolverine we have seen on the screen, he is absolutely brutal and that is how he should be. So much blood and gore. This movie doesn’t really draw much from the Old Man Logan comic but is certainly inspired by it. Obviously Fox doesn’t have all the rights to the characters featured in that story and lots of elements of that story wouldn’t fit in with the X-Men universe but what they used from it and how it was interpreted for the film works beautifully. If you’ve seen Logan and liked it which of course you did, I implore you to read the Old Man Logan story. If you it isn’t obvious I like this is the best Wolverine movie and probably the best movie of the year so far.

To many people Tim Burton’s Batman was their first introduction to the wonderful world of comic books, for me it was X-Men. Because of that I have fond memories of the film series. I remember one year for Christmas I basically got every character from the first movie in action figure form and it was awesome. Thanks Mom, I really wish I kept them though. Anyways I’ve always liked the movies and I’ve always liked Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, seriously Hugh Jackman is great. Have you seen Eddie the Eagle? It is great, definitely check it out. So I am a fan of Hughbert Jackman and he looks great in a wife beater, who cares if he isn’t like 5 feet tall. I digress, I am a fan of the films, I think you got that. All the X-Men films haven’t been great though, I’m looking at The Last Stand and X-Men: Wolverine Origins. The Last Stand was bad but nearly as terrible as Origins. Like fuck  that movie, that’s not even Deadpool and really an adamantium bullet wipes his memory, like what were the writers thinking. Seriously though there are a few nuggets of good stuff in that movie, I’m a big fan of Sabertooth being his brother and watching those two fight through the wars was really cool, but that doesn’t change how terrible the movie is. But the good in all the X-Men movies, Mr. Hugh Jackman.

So Logan is great. The cast is great. Patrick Stewart also like Hugh Jackman is perfect for his role which of course is Professor X and this is the best X we’ve seen. Of course Hugh is great. The Logan we see in the film is a broken beaten man and Hugh plays the role magnificently. Stephen Merchant from the British version of The Office plays Caliban who was in Apocalypse played by a different actor but it’s best to forget about that. Anyways I really liked Caliban, he brought some levity to the movie. Caliban is a mutant helping Logan taking care of a sick aging Professor X. And lets not forget Dafne Keene as X-23. This little girl killed it, she is just a s brutal as Hugh and she made it believable. Her acting was on point and so was her stunt work. This movie is real great, it is so emotional. I even teared up a few times. I’ve never felt the way I felt watching this movie then watching any other superhero movies. This movie will hit you in the feels for reals. The best part of this movie is that it isn’t really a superhero movie. Obviously I love superhero movies but this movie feels different and because of that people who do not care for superhero movies can still find something in this film to like. I’ve heard people calling Logan a sci-fi western and I think that is spot on. Best Wolverine and movie and a perfect swan song for Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Hugh Jackman’s Wolveine.

By the way watch this movie and tell me you won’t want to listen to Johnny Cash after.

I give Logan a 9 out of 10, would most certainly watch again.



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